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Federal Shutdown Pushes Cities Closer to Fiscal Cliff

Our nation’s cities are being directly and severely impacted by ongoing partial federal government shutdown. While much of the focus has been on the partisan bickering in our nation’s capital, American cities, towns and villages are facing increasingly challenging financial and economic situations. What’s at stake: reduced federal funding to cities, diminished worker capacity due

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How the Prolonged Shutdown Will Affect Your Local Economy

Following last night’s address from President Trump and the Democratic leadership response, National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony released the following statement: “Each day the shutdown continues, our residents suffer as it becomes harder to rebuild our infrastructure, assist low-income households and invest in community development. Countless local businesses that

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The Northeast Central Durham Livability Initiative Populates the Livability Discussion

Over the last couple years, the definition of livability created by the HUD-DOT-EPA’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities has become well known to those of us in the “city business.”  The Partnership’s website outlines the six principles of livability: value communities and neighborhoods; promote equitable, affordable housing; provide more transportation choices; support existing communities; coordinate and

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