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What’s Holding up a $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill?

A $19 billion disaster aid bill has been circulating in Congress for weeks now, but America’s cities, towns and villages have yet to see any of the funds. Once signed, the bill would provide billions of dollars to help communities struggling to rebuild after a series of hurricanes, wildfires and destructive storms destroyed essential infrastructure.

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How to Prepare for Hurricane Florence

This is a guest post written by Claire Collins, Development Manager, Local Government Solutions, Local Government Services at IBTS.  As Hurricane Florence is about to make landfall on the coast of the Carolinas, IBTS’s team of natural disaster response and recovery experts have prepared the following short list of our most important OnHAND recommendations to help Communications 1.

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Public and Private Sectors Mobilize for Hurricane Relief

This week, the catastrophic flooding and winds of Hurricane Harvey impacted millions of Americans across Texas and Louisiana. But while the storm’s effects were vast, much of the greatest damage was averted by the swift actions of local leaders, first responders, heroic citizens and outside organizations. As the floodwaters recede and the rebuilding begins, NLC’s partners

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