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Preemption Threatens Economic Development and Innovation

City leaders work every day to grow local ecosystems in their communities that support entrepreneurs. They do this in many ways – attracting and retaining talent, offering support services, and creating vibrant urban places. This work takes place in the urban sphere because innovation thrives in cities. Cities are central to the progress of our

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Local Issues Play Out in National Elections

All eyes may have been turned toward Ohio on election eve in order to discover the outcome of the Presidential contest. However, significant issues impacting the day-to-day lives of Americans were voted on in Michigan, Georgia, Washington, California and other states. Of special note were the events in Tennessee, where the courts had intervened on

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Our Divided Political Heart

It’s a shame that political party conventions don’t provide the kind of compelling and stimulating debate on policy issues that might actually serve to inform voters – assuming any are listening – about the electoral choice before the nation. It’s all the more regrettable because the American Republic is a nation of problem solvers all

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