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Five Things to Watch This Week at CCC

This Sunday, thousands of city leaders from across America convene in Washington to advocate for local priorities at the Congressional City Conference. From NLCU workshops to advocacy briefings and our Capitol Hill Advocacy Day, opportunities to engage at the federal level will abound. Here’s our insider’s guide to how to engage, what to watch, and where

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Will the Supreme Court Review Trump’s Third Travel Ban?

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions has his way, the answer will be yes. Or at least, so Sessions told the Senate Judiciary Committee — shortly after two federal district courts temporarily prevented the third travel ban from going into effect. But the full story is more complicated. Back on March 6, President Trump signed an executive

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In Washington, NLC Leaders Represent City Priorities

For Washington, DC, August is a quiet month. With Congress in recess and the President typically on vacation, the federal government has a chance to hear from constituents and work on long-term plans and issues. For NLC’s Federal Advocacy Committees, however, that pause in the action is golden opportunity. This week, over three dozen city

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