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Wildfires Are A Community Design Problem

This is a guest post by Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Yucel Ors of the National League of Cities. Every mayor or city manager has read an article or watched a news clip focused on a community ravaged by wildfire. Many have even witnessed firsthand the economic, environmental, and social implications that

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Science Confirms (Again) What Cities Already Know: Climate Change is Happening Now

The continuing drought in the west and wildfires burning in the plains are real world examples—happening right now—of what scientists say is evidence of climate change. Remember the floods in Colorado last year and Hurricane Sandy the year before? Those too are indicative of the kinds of extreme weather events the U.S. will face in

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Supreme Court Greenhouse Gas Case has Implications for Local Adaptation, Resilience Efforts

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments today on a case that could have implications for the Administration’s plans to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, cities continue to seek federal policies and programs that will support their local climate adaptation and resilience efforts. The question in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA is whether the

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