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University Towns Face Economic Crisis and COVID-19 Head On

On Monday, July 20, the National League of Cities University Communities Council, along with the International City/County Management Association and the International Town & Gown Association, hosted a virtual briefing with city leaders from college towns across the nation to share their community’s challenges and concerns brought on by COVID-19. Cities, towns and boroughs are

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University Communities Face the New “Normal”

Life in the age of coronavirus has established a new “normal” in college towns across the nation, and that “normal” is anything but. College towns and university communities across the United States have seen large numbers of student-residents return to their homes, dealing a blow to local economies and carefully planned strategies for ensuring a

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The Education Impact of COVID-19

Cities and towns across the country are seeing widespread closures of K-12 and post-secondary education institutions. Currently these closures may be extended well beyond the original two-to-four-week span, pending continued assessment of uncertain developments in the Coronavirus outbreak. Millions of children, parents, teachers and school workers are/will experience significant disruptions that extend well beyond students’ education achievements. Significant social, nutritional, housing and health services are also affected by school closures. The most vulnerable people will be hurt the most, as times of crisis especially expose

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