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What a Citizenship Question on the Census Would Mean for Cities

There is no question that America’s city leaders share Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s commitment to a full and fair 2020 Census. Census data is vital to cities for uses including regional planning, economic research, public health initiatives, and allocating more than $600 billion in federal funding to state and local governments. But because city leaders understand

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More Than Just A Market

I never thought of the present-day farmers market as the modern equivalent of the Greek Agora or the Roman Forum. Certainly a marketplace, like the historic Eastern Market near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., is a community space for multiple purposes only one of which is commercial. On any given day, but especially on

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Who Ensures Liberty and Justice for All

The Lorax spoke for the trees. At the dawn of the American nation, Madison, Hamilton and Jay spoke for the Constitution. In the present age will the Tea Party be the primary voice to define the size, scope and purpose of government? The purpose of government – national or local – is to promote the

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