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University Towns Face Economic Crisis and COVID-19 Head On

On Monday, July 20, the National League of Cities University Communities Council, along with the International City/County Management Association and the International Town & Gown Association, hosted a virtual briefing with city leaders from college towns across the nation to share their community’s challenges and concerns brought on by COVID-19. Cities, towns and boroughs are

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What Makes A Resident? Counting Your Community for the 2020 Census

Municipal governments have an important relationship with the census — both as consumers of the data it gathers and as partners in ensuring the complete and accurate count of our cities. Data produced by the census are critical to our democratic system and improves our ability to function as one of the world’s largest countries

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Census 2020: How to Count Hard-to-Count Communities

The census is one of the most basic functions of our federal system, requiring a count of every person in the United States every ten years. A precise count matters for city leaders because the results provide meaningful data for municipal operations as well as inform the allocation of more than $800 billion dollars of

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