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Are “Soft Skills” Critical to the Future of Work?

This article is part of an NLC series on the future of work in America’s cities. Among other technological advances and societal shifts, automation and artificial intelligence are impacting the workforce — vastly improving productivity and raising wages in some jobs while erasing or transforming others entirely. These new forces are also impacting the skillsets that are

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Assessing the Future of Our Work

Throughout history, the rise of new technologies has drastically changed the nature of work — both as a cause of and a response to massive historical shifts. Cities feel these shifts most acutely, serving as the places where these rapid movements are found, focused, and filtered into broader society. In our new report, Assessing the Future of

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The Future of Work for Communities Across America

This article is part of an NLC series on the future of work in America’s cities. Work defines so much of what and who people are. Since the very beginning of cities, some version of work has defined our days, our conceptions of time and our sense of self. The consistency of our relationship with

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