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Celebrating the Attractions of Small Cities

When I talk about cities I have visited, I use sensory language. I describe the art or architecture I saw, the unique foods I consumed, the sounds of nature or of music I heard, the landscape I traversed or the people with whom I connected. Big city or small city, in the U.S. or abroad,

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Ideas and Inspiration from Japan

If you scan the news headlines of the major Japanese print and television media outlets and compare them to any other large, rich and democratic country, you won’t find many differences. For example, the latest stories include the grounding of the Boeing fleet of 787 Dreamliners, an ongoing dispute with China, and the public relations

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La Rambla de Barcelona

The first thing a visitor to Barcelona may notice is the time shift. At 7:30 in the morning, even the Starbucks is not open. In fact, the only people on the streets of the Gothic Quarter are the tourists streaming from their small hotels past the closed shops with the doors covered in graffiti. Even

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