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How Tempe, Arizona is Navigating the Shutdown Crisis

This is a guest post by Robin Arredondo-Savage, Councilmember from Tempe, Arizona. The continued federal government shutdown poses serious concerns for the city of Tempe. At risk are several housing and human services programs, the construction of Tempe Streetcar and support for public safety initiatives. To manage the potential damaging effects of a prolonged shutdown, we

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Tempe Brings Transparency to Small Cell Installation

This is the fourth in a series of case studies tracking how cities are handling small cell wireless infrastructure deployment on their streets. To learn more about this technology and how your city can get ready for it, read NLC’s municipal action guide on small cell wireless infrastructure. The city of Tempe knows that small

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Can Tucson, Arizona Bring Back its Miracle Mile?

In cities, certain neighborhoods may have a history that gave them an economic purpose, a distinctive aesthetic identity, and unique role in their city decades ago — even if time has moved on. When those neighborhoods fall on hard times, that identity can sour from a source of pride to one of perceived blight. And

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