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FOR RENT: Cozy Cottage, Serene Backyard Setting, Landlord Close-by

The City of Seattle recently amended a restricting and outdated zoning regulation.  This change encourages homeowners to reject—to an extent—the separation of housing types and the segregation of people of different income levels.  The zoning change allows homeowners in single-family residential neighborhoods to construct small, free-standing cottages on their properties for rental purposes.  USA Today

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Forget Everything You Knew About Housing

In the wake of the home mortgage bust there needs to be a reevaluation of every assumption about residential housing. Is ownership always better than renting? Is appreciation always better than equity as a tool for wealth creation? Is bigger in the suburbs always better than smaller in town? The composition of families is different.

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Head-Turning Appeal for the Modular Home

There is a lot to love in a 7,200 square-foot French Country-style house. At a price of $2.5 million one would expect the symmetrical beauty of roof dormers and expansive patio doors, plus the latest in energy efficiency gadgets like geothermal heat pumps. But the extra bonus in this lovely home in Bethesda, Maryland is

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