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Addressing Health Care Shortages and Needs During COVID-19

City leaders play an essential role in helping residents navigate to the safest and best possible health services to meet ongoing needs. They do this through: collaborating regionally, with partner organizations, state and federal officials, and local businesses;   providing resources; and   communicating clearly to residents, especially to vulnerable groups.   Swift, efficient, and timely action from city

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Small Cell Wireless Technology in Cities

From our connected homes, where everything is controlled by the internet, to our workplaces, where reliable broadband access is paramount for almost every type of job, technology is impacting every facet of our daily lives. Cities are inextricably linked to the internet — and the integration of new technologies promises better and more innovative ways

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State of the Cities 2013: Infrastructure Connects the Dots

This is the fifth post in a seven-part series on trends and themes in local leadership. On February 4, 2013, Mayor Anthony Foxx left his constituency with a final message about the state of their city, Charlotte, N.C.. In a speech that was both reflective of the past and hopeful for the future, Mayor Foxx

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