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MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge Awards $11.3M to Local Sites

Jail misuse and overuse have taken a heavy toll on our communities. They have become warehouses for people with mental health and substance abuse issues — rather than a place for those who pose a flight risk or threat to public safety.  Local policy efforts and practices can contribute to the national movement to end mass incarceration.

Five Cities Will Join the Jails and Justice Technical Assistance Project

Jails open the “front door of mass incarceration,” and cities have opportunities to reduce the number of people entering jail. Cities can take measures such as providing local law enforcement with better tools and alternatives to arrest, supporting community-based alternatives to jails, and creating supports for people returning from incarceration. The NLC Institute for Youth,

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Why Cities Should Support, Not Arrest, Homeless Youth

This is a guest post by NLC’s Lydia Lawrence. In America, young people who are homeless or face housing instability experience arrest and detention much more often than other youth. As many as 78 percent of the estimated 400,000 homeless youth in America have had at least one interaction with police and 44 percent have

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Cities Stand Together to Fight Hate

In response to the tragic events in Charlottesville, the National League of Cities is celebrating #InclusionWeek to support diversity, inclusivity, and hope in America’s cities. On Saturday, a white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia erupted into violence and bloodshed. Across the country, the event sparked an outpouring of grief and sympathy to the victims of

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We Can Give Your City the Purchasing Power It Needs to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Emergency medical service (EMS) staff can play a crucial role in the fight by administering the drug naloxone to help reduce opioid overdose. This post was co-authored by Emma Lieberth and Rasheeda Senger. As the National League of Cities (NLC) reported in A Prescription for Action, a report on the opioid epidemic jointly issued by

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We Can Help Your City Put Fewer People in Jail

Should your city apply for a new technical assistance program to reduce the number of people going to jail? Here are ten questions to guide your decision. The past two decades’ rapid rise in jail populations has come at great short- and long-term expense to city governments. The increased use of jails has also failed

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How One Small City Is Making Big Moves in Resilience Planning

NLC recently joined a community forum on hazard adaptation and mitigation in the city of Annapolis, Maryland, where federal, state and local agencies were working together to take action on climate change. Here’s what we learned. This post was co-authored by Shafaq Choudry and Meri St. Jean. Earlier this month, the Trump Administration made headlines

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Local Governments Continue to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Through new approaches, community outreach and education, and even legal action, municipal governments are continuing to lead the most comprehensive efforts to date in the battle against widespread opioid addiction. The increasing presence of the synthetic opioid fentanyl at the scene of a drug overdose is putting the lives of first responders at great risk.

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How Your City Can Receive Technical Assistance to Reduce the Use of Jails

The next phase in this NLC initiative can help your city better allocate scarce resources as well as improve public safety and overall outcomes for young adults. Close to home in cities, jails open up the “front door of mass incarceration” by placing five times as many people behind bars each year compared with prisons.

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