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What Makes A Resident? Counting Your Community for the 2020 Census

Municipal governments have an important relationship with the census — both as consumers of the data it gathers and as partners in ensuring the complete and accurate count of our cities. Data produced by the census are critical to our democratic system and improves our ability to function as one of the world’s largest countries

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How Cities Are Tackling Veteran Homelessness

Each year, mayors around the country detail their visions for the upcoming year in their state of the city speeches. With the federal process continuing to be in political gridlock, state of the city speeches have taken on new importance and meaning, giving mayors a bigger and brighter stage to articulate the changes their cities

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On Memorial Day, Pause and Reflect — But Act, Too.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, the nation struggled to make sense of the deaths of more than 600,000 people. Initial remembrances centered on marking the graves of the fallen as part of what came to be called Decoration Day. During the first years after the war, communities in the South and the North

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