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How One Small City Celebrates LGBT Pride Month Year-Round

While America’s major metropolitan cities often take center stage in national issues, the country’s smaller cities and towns have a culture, vibrancy and uniqueness all their own. This month, we’re highlighting small cities looking to the future as part of Small Cities Month 2018. Throughout June, cities around the country have hosted marches, ceremonies and celebrations

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How Three Cities Are Addressing Minority Health Disparities

Ever year in April, National Minority Health Month highlights the health disparities that persist among racial and ethnic minority populations — and the ways in which legislation, policy and programs can help advance health equity. While health indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality have improved for most Americans, minorities still experience a disproportionate

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Fifty Years After MLK, Cities Must Confront Racial Equity Through Policy

Today, we remember the defining figure of the Civil Rights Era, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination, leaders and communities across the country are taking the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history, the progress we’ve made, and how much work we have yet to do. From Ferguson

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How Six Cities Promote Diversity and Inclusion for Residents

Around the country, cities large and small are finding innovative ways to weave together every strand of their community, so that every resident has a fair shot at opportunity and prosperity.

Helping More Veterans Secure Housing

This is a guest post by Anthony Love, director of serves as the director of community engagement for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Healthcare Administration, Homeless Programs. In May, National League of Cities (NLC) will host a landlord engagement event in Oakland, California, in cooperation with VA’s Homeless Programs Office. This is the last in a

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Lonely in Pennsylvania: Why More Women Should Run

Across the country, women knit together the fabric of our communities. As residents, business entrepreneur and, of course, as local officials, women lead by action and example. At the National League of Cities, we’re proud of the women who have answered the call of service and taken office. NLC celebrates them this month by sharing their

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How Joyce Sheperd Celebrates Women’s History Month

For Atlanta Councilmember Joyce Sheperd, Women’s History Month isn’t just an opportunity to reflect. As councilmember for southeastern Atlanta’s District 12, Sheperd sees amazing leadership in action every day. That’s why she treats every March as both a celebration of past pioneers, and an opportunity to look forward and pass that legacy on. In this

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5 Workforce Strategies to Increase Economic Opportunity

This post is the first installment in NLC’s Economic Mobility and Opportunity Blog Series. It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution to help your residents gain a solid financial footing. The National League of Cities’ (NLC) recent report offers a road map to help you achieve that commitment. Keeping the American Dream

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Ninth Circuit Temporarily Strikes Down Third Travel Ban

When, last month, the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion temporarily striking down President Trump’s third travel ban, the move was met with little fanfare. There are two likely reasons. First, the decision came down right before Christmas (December 22). And in early December, the Supreme Court allowed the third travel ban to go into effect until

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How To Apply For the City Cultural Diversity Awards

The National League of Cities recognizes and celebrates the growing diversity of America’s communities and believes that diversity should be reflected in the activities of all cities and towns across the nation. As a result, the National League of Cities, in partnership with the National Black Caucus Local Elected Leaders (NBC-LEO), established the City Cultural Diversity

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