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Housing and Cities — A Deeper Look at the Numbers

Over the last few years, “The Rent is Too Damn High” has grown from a fringe political party in New York to a constant complaint from millennials, seniors, middle-income wage earners, policy wonks and city elected leaders. While housing issues in a growth economy might seem counter-intuitive on the surface, the research tells a much

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How Cities Are Tackling Veteran Homelessness

Each year, mayors around the country detail their visions for the upcoming year in their state of the city speeches. With the federal process continuing to be in political gridlock, state of the city speeches have taken on new importance and meaning, giving mayors a bigger and brighter stage to articulate the changes their cities

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How Cities Can Improve Treatment of Homelessness Among Young People

Stable housing provides youth and young adults with a crucial foundation for developing into adulthood. Without stable housing, young people are much more likely to experience a host of negative and traumatic experiences, including arrest and detention in the justice system. City leaders, along with their partners in law enforcement and service providers in the

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