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How New Orleans Prioritized Equity In Fighting COVID-19

On The Frontlines is a joint project between NLC and IGNITE Cities In the ‘Big Easy,’ where life has always moved at its own pace, Mayor LaToya Cantrell had to make a quick decision to slow the economic and social pace of her city when it was discovered as a hotspot for COVID-19. As confirmations

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How Technology is Helping Dayton and Louisville Respond to COVID-19

Local leaders, like many of their residents, have had to adapt to a new normal in the wake of COVID-19. From stay-at-home orders to transitioning to virtual meetings, municipalities across the country are adjusting to ensure they stay connected to their residents.   The result, in the age of social distancing, is that municipal leaders are

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Mayor Suarez Advice From the Frontlines

Across the United States, large cities have been the early epicenter of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. From Los Angeles to New York to Miami, big-city mayors have been responding in a myriad of ways to protect their residents and flatten the curve. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who himself tested positive for the virus in March,

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