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Six Cities Receive NLC Grants for Anti-Hunger Campaigns

In a comprehensive campaign to combat childhood hunger at the local level, NLC has selected six member cities to receive grants totaling $750,000 and intensive technical assistance to launch mayor-led city-wide anti-hunger campaigns. The cities selected for the CHAMPS: Cities Combating Hunger grant include: Allentown, Pennsylvania Durham, North Carolina Jackson, Mississippi Little Rock, Arkansas Miami

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How City Leaders Can Combat Childhood Hunger

During his State of the City address this year, Adam Paul, mayor of Lakewood, Colorado, nailed it. “I have given this a lot of thought,” he said, “and I want to tell you my ‘one thing’ for this year. I want to address childhood hunger in our city. There is no excuse for children to

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Fourteen Cities are Working Together with NLC to Combat Childhood Hunger

In an effort to build citywide campaigns to reduce hunger in local communities, the National League of Cities (NLC) is bringing fourteen cities to Kansas City, Missouri, in late May to participate in the CHAMPS Cities Combating Hunger Leadership Academy, with these cities becoming eligible for grants and technical assistance to meet their goals. Cities

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