Author: Timothy A. Evans

5 Low-Budget Strategies to Help Small Communities Boost their Economies

Photo: Attendees at Vermont League of Cities & Towns discuss small community economic development strategies. When most communities pursue economic development, local leaders often think of creating a burst of economic opportunity from large employers that can quickly increase employment for residents while at the same time increasing revenue into the municipality’s coffers. However, this

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City Leaders Gather in Portland to Hear From Black Male Millennials

This past week, city and community leaders gathered in Portland, Ore. to hear from black male millennials, learn about racial equity’s connection to black male achievement (BMA), share strategies on sustaining BMA, and gain insights for adopting/implementing comprehensive employment-focused policies. All eyes were on a group of black male millennials from across the country sitting

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Promoting Black Male Achievement in America: A Guide for City Leaders

In communities across the nation, black men and boys are disenfranchised. Whether one observes the employment market, the education and prison systems, or family success, black men and boys continue to consistently struggle in these areas in comparison to other groups across the country. As a result, city leaders are seeking to address these disparities.

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