Author: Aliza R. Wasserman

How Austin, Texas is Addressing Racial Equity

This is an NLC staff post by Aliza Wasserman and Chelsea Jones. The city of Austin, Texas, has been named the U.S News and World Report’s Best Place to Live and Forbes’ Next Biggest Boom Town in the U.S. But despite national accolades — and the city’s immense growth — Austin must face the historically

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State of the Cities: Leading the Way in Racial Equity Through Speech And Action

NLC’s 2017 State of the Cities analysis reveals how much mayors are using their public platforms to call attention to the issues of inequities based on race and ethnicity facing their cities. The Race, Equity And Leadership (REAL) initiative at NLC supports local elected officials to build a foundation on this first step to create

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Mayors Embrace Inclusive Values Amidst Hate

Mayors play an important role in reinforcing the values of their cities and their residents. When tensions and uncertainty across the nation are very high, mayors have a responsibility to remind us what we have in common, foster values of inclusivity, and reject hatred and violence. The implicit biases, or unconscious prejudices, wired into our

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