Author: Angelina Panettieri

What the 2016 Election Reveals About the Future of Connectivity

As the confetti is cleared away and residents in Cleveland and Philadelphia resume life as normal, what can cities learn from the intersection of technology and the conventions? The 2016 conventions were the most connected and virtually available in history by any measure. Once relegated to C-SPAN and highlight clips on the network news stations,

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Five Steps to Get to Know Your New Legislator

On Feb. 6, 2015, new senators and representatives will be officially sworn in to the 114th Congress. (Getty Images) Do you remember your first day of freshman orientation? Did you feel lost on the large campus, worried about making new connections with your classmates, or excited about new opportunities? This week, as the 114th Congress

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Connecting with Congress during the Government Shutdown

The ongoing government shutdown hasn’t just frozen vital federal programs and funding streams, it has also made it difficult for citizens frustrated by the gridlock to reach their members of Congress. Federal agencies were not the only organizations forced to furlough thousands of employees – Members of Congress also sent most of their Washington and

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