3 Reasons To Get To Birmingham for the NBC-LEO Conference

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Every year, the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) brings together city leaders from across the country to build leadership skills and create close connections with fellow local elected leaders. Here are three crucial reasons why you’ve got to make it to Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama to attend this year’s event:

Learn and connect around police-community relations.

With the shooting of Philando Castile recently in the news, the need for local officials to promote healthy police-community relationships is more apparent than ever. At the NBC-LEO Conference, local leaders will moderate and lead a panel on Community Policing: The Role of Municipal Leaders in Bridging the Divide. By identifying the barriers diving law enforcement agents and communities, local leaders can take steps to determine how to bridge the gap and build better relationships. This panel of local elected officials will outline strategies for better policing techniques, communication tools to promote safety, as well as violence prevention for youth and maintaining continuous connectivity with residents and law enforcement.

Build your own city’s best practices tool kit.

Burke, Robertson, Williams-Graves, Howard. These are just some of names of city staff and local elected officials you’ll hear from at the NBC-LEO conference. No one understands the demands of local leadership like the others who serve—and no one can give better advice or more practical examples. Build a best practices tool kit from local officials who will deliver Ted Talk style presentations on their cities’ successes. Find out what Winston-Salem, NC has done to alleviate poverty, how the city of Rialto, CA has committed to environmental infrastructure and why Norfolk, VA changed how they partner with the community—just to name a few.

Explore historic Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama.

Called the Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham embodies this year’s theme: Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Present and Planning for the Future. Take a mobile tour through Birmingham’s civil rights heritage, then explore the up and coming city’s restaurants, museums and landmarks. Then explore the city of Bessemer’s economic development — once known for its iron ore production, the city has diversified its economic portfolio to look toward the future and engage several major companies like Dollar General and U.S. Pipe.

Join us July 20-22 in Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama for the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Leaders 2017 Conference. Learn more about the event and register now for the best rates!

JannelleWAbout the author: Jannelle Watson is Senior Associate for Constituency Groups. For more informationa bout the NBC-LEO Conference, please email her at watson@nlc.org.