Month: October 2016

For Local Leaders, the Water Bill in Congress is Urgent

The residents of Flint, Michigan, have been unable to use their own taps for months – and now fears of Shigellosis make the need for congressional action more pressing than ever. The recent outbreaks of bacterial illness in Flint and other Michigan cities remind the American public and local leaders that Flint’s drinking water crisis

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6 Ways Cities Can Reform Their Pension Systems

There’s no silver bullet, and it will take the implementation of several steps to actually address problems in a meaningful way. This is a guest post by Ryan Holeywell. This is the third post in a series on NLC’s public sector retirement initiative. Cities are still struggling with soaring pension costs, and Houston, Texas – home to

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Innovative City Program Teaches Civic Engagement to Parents

Many cities have made ensuring all young children start kindergarten ready to succeed a top priority – and this will only happen when parents are a part of the equation. On a recent visit to Kansas City, Missouri, I was lucky enough to learn about the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) and hear from parents

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