What America’s Infrastructure Needs, According to These Elected Leaders

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For Infrastructure Week 2016, we asked several prominent leaders, including Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Mayor Patrick Wojahn, and Senator Jim Inhofe, to share their thoughts on American infrastructure now and in the future. Here’s what they had to say.

Fix the Federal Partnership, or Cities Will Bear the Burden of an Uncertain Transportation Future

Congressman Earl Blumenauer explains that the world of transportation is undertaking a radical change that makes vanishing fuel tax revenue the tip of the iceberg.

#TrailsMatter: The Need to Invest in Trails and Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks

College Park, Maryland, Mayor Patrick Wojahn explains why so many local governments are investing in trails – and walking and biking – as a means of transportation.

3 Ways Infrastructure Drives Economic Development

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Mayor Craig Thurmond shares exactly how the practice of placing a high level of importance on maintaining and expanding infrastructure has resulted in successful economic outcomes for his city.

Why Infrastructure Matters

Syracuse, New York, Mayor Stephanie Miner explains why she places a high importance on sharing innovative solutions to the infrastructure challenges facing our cities and states.

In San Antonio, Investment in Water is Priority Number One

As Councilmember Ron Nirenberg explains, San Antonio has made a number of strategic investments to diversify its water portfolio and ensure long-term water security.

Infrastructure Is the Economic Foundation of Our Communities and Country

Senator Jim Inhofe explains why he is committed to addressing the infrastructure needs of the nation with the Water Resources Development Act of 2016.

Broadband Isn’t a Luxury – It’s Infrastructure

As Arlington, Texas, Mayor Pro Tempore Sheri Capehart notes, closing the broadband adoption gap is where city leaders can shine.

About the Author: Paul Konz is the Senior Editor at the National League of Cities.