Cities Are Tackling Climate Change at the Local Level with These Bold Projects

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As part of our efforts to promote professional development among city leaders, each week we’ll be featuring a new TED Talk focused on cities, community issues or local government.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, this week’s featured talk focuses on climate change. As Vicki Arroyo says, it’s time to prepare our homes and cities for our changing climate, with its increased risk of flooding, drought and uncertainty. She illustrates this inspiring talk with bold projects from cities all over the world — local examples of thinking ahead.

Paul Konz headshotAbout the Author: Paul Konz is the Senior Editor at the National League of Cities.

1 comments on “Cities Are Tackling Climate Change at the Local Level with These Bold Projects”

  1. Paul: Thanks for the Ted Talk clip on Adaptation. Tomorrow, our City Council takes up our revised Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP). In the City of Palo Alto, we are fortunate to operate every public utility as a municipal enterprise. As a result, we are far ahead of our earlier 2007 S/CAP plan and goals and the State of California’s requirements. Now with 100% Carbon neutrality in electricity generation, we have already achieved a 36% reduction in CO2 as a community, from 1990 levels. Our new plan is built around strategies that could achieve 80% reduction by 2030. The two main areas are in mobility (transportation) and changes to natural gas. Stay tuned. Each effort by city after city can inspire and build global momentum. James (Jim) Keene, City Manager, Palo Alto, CA

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