The Panama Papers Exposed a Huge Global Problem. What’s Next?

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As part of our efforts to promote professional development among city leaders, each week we’ll be featuring a new TED Talk focused on cities, community issues or local government.

This week’s featured talk is particularly relevant. As this Bloomberg News article aptly noted, “While the economy is certainly more global than it used to be, most capitalism is local. There is, of course, a fair amount of interaction between economic elites. Nonetheless, most of those people still live under local law and local government, and make their money in a particular local economy. When some of those people break their local laws, this is not some sort of collective enterprise that indicts everyone, everywhere.”

On April 3, 2016 we saw the largest data leak in history. The Panama Papers exposed rich and powerful people hiding vast amounts of money in offshore accounts. But what does it all mean? The folks at TED called Robert Palmer of Global Witness to find out.

Paul Konz headshotAbout the Author: Paul Konz is the Senior Editor at the National League of Cities.