Here’s Why City Leaders Attend NLC University’s Conference Seminars

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“Every time I attend an NLCU session, I am able to take something back to implement to help our citizens and save the city money.” – Queen Creek, Arizona, Councilmember Craig Barnes

Tenney Park in Madison, Wisconsin, where the (photo: Richard Hurd)
Tenney Park in Madison, Wisconsin, where NLC University’s annual Leadership Summit will be held September 28 – October 1, 2016. (photo: Richard Hurd)

This is a guest post by Rick Henry.

It was a busy weekend at NLC’s Congressional City Conference (CCC) in Washington, D.C. for the nearly 500 participants in the NLC University preconference sessions that took place March 5-6, 2016. Among other things, they built cities, explored creative budgeting techniques, assessed the resiliency of their cities, and attracted foreign investment.

NLCU, the educational outreach arm of NLC, provides intensive half-day and full-day sessions that allow city officials to dig deeper into leadership, management, civic engagement and current issues. The CCC preconference sessions featured seminars lead by former NLC presidents Jim Hunt and Kathy Novak, university professors from George Washington University and New York University, and former New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, among others.

Highlights included “Building Creative Communities,” a session detailing the principles of creative community building offering practical examples and best practices for building more creative, inclusive communities and “Urban Plan,” a realistic and engaging simulation developed by the Urban Land Institute in which participants learn about the fundamental forces that affect development in the United States.

For participants such as Councilmember Craig Barnes of Queen Creek, Arizona, the value of NLCU seminars cannot be overstated.

“Every time I attend a session, I am able to take something back to implement to help our citizens and save the city money,” said Barnes, who has attended NLCU preconference seminars since shortly after he was elected seven years ago. “I have saved my city hundreds of thousands of dollars from what I have learned at NLCU.”

City leaders have two more opportunities this year to benefit from NLCU. The annual Leadership Summit, an intensive 2 ½ day immersive learning experience will be held Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 in Madison, WI. NLCU will also offer preconference sessions at the City Summit in Pittsburgh on Nov. 16-17. Registration for both events is open and can be accessed on the NLCU website.

About the Author: Rick Henry is the Director of the National League of Cities University (NLCU).