How to Reduce Arrests of Young People in Your City

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Missed our latest juvenile justice reform webinar? Not to worry, now you can watch and listen to Police Protocols to Reduce Arrests of Young People in Your City on YouTube.

This webinar, which took place  on Friday, December 18, 2015, features Deputy Superintendent Michael Gropman of the Brookline, Massachusetts Police Department and Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Learn more about Brookline’s pilot of the Massachusetts Arrest Screening Tool for Law Enforcement (MASTLE) and Philadelphia’s efforts to reduce school-based arrests.

The webinar profiles how these two cities have used data and objective assessment criteria to reduce arrests of youth in a developmentally appropriate way. It builds on a new NLC resource that highlights opportunities for cities to ensure the first point of contact between youth and police doesn’t lead to unnecessary involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Heidi Cooper
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Heidi Cooper is the Justice Reform Associate in NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families. Contact Heidi at