City Officials Learn from Boston’s Crime Prevention Efforts at Congress of Cities

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Violence not only affects victims and their families.  It affects entire communities.  At NLC’s Congress of Cities in Boston, city officials visited the Holland Community Center – one of 35 neighborhood based centers in the city that provide a safe space for youth and their families to participate in recreational activities and receive services.

Administered by the Boston Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF), these neighborhood service hubs are one of a set of comprehensive strategies the City of Boston coordinates to prevent violence and build more vibrant communities .

“It’s important to have buy in. It starts with city leaders coming together to build partnerships and create change,”  said Roy Martin, director of services for the city’s Partnerships Advancing Community Together (PACT) initiative.

PACT has identified several hundred high-risk individuals in the city and provide this information to law enforcement and social service agencies so that the groups can work together to support the individuals, their family members and neighborhoods.

Through widespread partnership and shared accountability, Boston is having a real impact on violence.

“Thanks for your work. I have a lot of helpful  information to take back to my city,” said one NLC member said to the panelists.