Building a Healthy Boston

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Access to healthy foods, safe routes to bike or walk to work or school, and affordable and accessible health and social services – these are just a few of a comprehensive set of strategies the City of Boston’s Public Health Commission (BPHC) employs to build communities that are conducive to healthy eating and active living.


With strong leadership from Mayor Tom Menino, BPHC partners with city agencies, nonprofits and businesses to promote quality health care and address health disparities. At NLC’s Congress of Cities today, representatives of the agency took NLC members on a tour of Dorchester House – a nonprofit multi-service center that works to create positive change in wellbeing for residents.


As part of an effort to promote workplace wellness citywide, BPHC has provided the center funding to make significant changes to its physical environment and implement a program for employees focused on promoting exercise and healthy eating.


“A Healthy Dorchester House means providing services in an environment that promotes the healthy activity of our staff, and also our patients,” said a Dorchester House staff member.


To learn more about the great initiatives BPHC is coordinating, visit the department’s website.