NLC’s Sustainability Program Now Home to the Sustainable Cities Institute

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NLC’s Sustainability Program is thrilled to now be the home of the Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI), a database which offers practical and reliable resources to help cities and city leaders with their sustainability goals.  As many of you are aware from our posters at the 2011 Congress of Cities and NCW articles, we have been eagerly awaiting the incorporation of this valuable site into our ongoing sustainability efforts.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the SCI website develop into a carefully vetted “go- to” resource on city sustainability.  Our hope is that moving forward, its reputation will only grow as an increasing number of city staff, Mayors and other elected officials turn to SCI as a means to boost the sustainability work that their own city is doing; to learn from best practices around the country; and to network with others who face similar challenges.

The SCI website is a repository of exemplary city-led sustainability initiatives. The comprehensive nature of the site presents us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate important links between various sustainability topic areas, while also delving into greater depth on each of the areas.  The SCI database and the range of carefully vetted resources on it– including city profiles, case studies, model legislation, and reports– offers something for everyone, from a city leader who wants a better understanding of what it means for a city to be sustainable, to a city sustainability director who has been actively involved in sustainability initiatives and is looking for examples about what others are doing.

In the coming months, NLC staff will work closely with city leaders and staff engaged in sustainability, partners that have been critical to the ongoing development of the site, and others to conduct an in-depth assessment and identify ways to enhance the existing resource.

As an NLC member, we value your feedback.  We hope you will take time to browse the site and the numerous resources available.  Please email us at if you would like to be involved in this assessment process; if you have a sustainability story from your city that you would like to share on the site; or if you have any questions or feedback about the site itself. We look forward to hearing from you!

-NLC’s Sustainability Team