NLC Supports Senator Harkin’s Rebuild America Act

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The following statement on Senator Harkin’s Rebuild America Act is from Donald J. Borut, Executive Director of the National League of Cities.

“The National League of Cities thanks Senator Harkin for introducing “The Rebuild America Act.” Since the beginning of the Great Recession, America’s cities and towns have asked the federal government to invest in a 21st Century economy by supporting infrastructure repair, modernizing our schools; supporting the hiring of teachers, first responders and other critical local government employees; and financing job training programs that will give Americans the skills needed for success in the new economy. Sen. Harkin’s bill provides this much-needed support, and would be paid for without raising the budget deficit. We hope that Congress will take the necessary steps in the next few months to advance this proposal and send help to where it is most needed: The Main Streets of America’s hometowns.”

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