Month: September 2010

Who Ensures Liberty and Justice for All

The Lorax spoke for the trees. At the dawn of the American nation, Madison, Hamilton and Jay spoke for the Constitution. In the present age will the Tea Party be the primary voice to define the size, scope and purpose of government? The purpose of government – national or local – is to promote the

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Vacant Properties Compound the Forclosure Disaster

You don’t have to be a policy researcher to know intuitively that mortgage foreclosures and vacant and abandoned properties are a serious threat to the well-being of a neighborhood.  An increase in foreclosed properties in any neighborhood, especially a high concentration of properties in one neighborhood, creates an oversupply of housing stock (including low value

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Belief in Debt Relief?

Should forgiving student loan debt be the next federal bailout to stimulate our nation’s struggling economy?  Robert Applebaum, a New York lawyer and organizer of the aptly-named Facebook movement, “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy,” thinks so.  While the title isn’t catchy, the words “cancel” and “debt” used in the same sentence is

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