Still Time to Mail in the Census Forms

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We are in the middle of the 2010 Census.  The forms have been delivered and the Census Department has been running ads and talking up the need for people to fill out the forms and mail them back.  At this point, the department says that 70% of households have already sent in their forms.  Tha’s a great response rate, but it needs to go higher. For every form that doesn’t come in, Census sends out a person to get the form filled out.  This adds enormous costs to the total of the Census.

A complete and accurate census is crucial for our states, cities, counties and towns.  In addition to determining the boundaries for Congressional districts, the population numbers determined by the Census are used in federal formulas.  These formulas are used by federal agencies and Congress to determine where to concentrate the resources of the United States.  Who should get certain kinds of federal grant money for parks, economic development and other key projects.

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