Thursday at COP-15

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(The following is a guest blog from Councilor Henrietta Davis. Councilor Davis is from Cambridge, MA, and is chair of the NLC Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.)   We’re now locked out of the official Bella Center as are most if not all NGOs. Yesterday we were able to press the need for cities to be considered as “government” and not as non-governmental.The fact that cities are responsible for a significant portion of GHGs and therefore are in a position to enable significant reductions has not yet sunk in to the powers that be.  Meanwhile those of us here representing cities want municipal governments to be recognized in the preamble of the text to  be written.  Of course, we can’t be sure that anything will be written.  Whatever happens today or tomorrow, we here with the National League of Cities want to work together with all cities across the globe to aggressively reduce GHGs.