NLC offers input in negotiations

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(The following is a guest blog from Councilor Henrietta Davis. Councilor Davis is from Cambridge, MA and has served on the NLC Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.)  This afternoon included a briefing session with the U.S. State Department advocating for partnerships between the federal government and cities and towns on climate.  We are the folks who are following through on adaptation and mitigation, and we want to be at the table as this action goes forward. We are focused and committed and we’d like to be formally recognized in the international agreement, both in the preamble and the operational language.  

I testified, representing NLC and the country’s 19,000 cities and towns.   We delivered a unified message —  the U.S. Conference of Mayors, NACo, ICLEI, etc.  — and asked the State Department to work with us.   We are critical partners.  We’ve been doing this work for years.