Getting ready for Copenhagen

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NLC’s delegation is about to start its trek to Copenhagen, Denmark, for the United Nations COP-15 climate change meetings.  On the way are two elected officials — Councilor Henrietta Davis from Cambridge, MA, and Councilmember Matt Zone from Cleveland, OH — and three staff from NLC’s Center for Research and Innovation — Ken Rosenfeld and Tammy Zborel from the sustainability program, and Jim Brooks, who runs our international programs.  Leaving from different destinations, we’ll all be flying overnight on Saturday, arriving in Copenhagen Sunday morning, December 13 — and we’re already scheduled to get right to work.  Consistent with many of our colleagues  representing local and state governments, we’re arriving for the second of the meeting’s two weeks, when most attendees will be present.  

NLC has been doing lots of advance work both domestically and internationally leading up to this point.  Now we’re looking forward to planting the flag for America’s cities as the leaders in the U.S. on climate change, as well as the front line in experiencing the effects, and the level of government that’s in the position to take on both mitigation and adaptation measures in the future.  This week presents a great opportunity and we hope you’ll follow along.  We expect to have good Internet access to be able to post regular updates, and we welcome your comments and questions.